Tuesday, 19 August 2014

I just want to thank Erika Nonken article

I just want to thank Erika Nonken for that article of Following my moral compass: We all navigate through circumstances at the limits of human experience. @ http://www.uuworld.org. I wish to share my views regarding that below:

The sweltering classroom is brimming with youngsters, all outcasts or refuge seekers and energetic to learn. Quiet infests as they mull over a picture on my smart phone screen: a winter perspective of Main Street in my minor New England main residence. I am the displaced person focus' English educator; the understudies' errand is to portray what they see.

More hush. I think perhaps they are excessively timid.

At long last one says, "Educator, where is this spot? This is a wonderful spot." All concur: "Yes, extremely excellent."

I give them a chance to figure, and they rightly focus it is my home.

Not modest, then, however riveted. Their depictions pour forward: "Peaceful, numerous trees, I think there are relatively few individuals there, tranquil, frigid, icy however pleasant, these are stores, those are houses, calm." They are getting a handle on at something with "calm."

An adolescent Burmese man addresses me, likely. "Educator, I have just known existence with war." alternate understudies nod. "Yet I think in this spot there is not war, there has not been war for quite a while." I nod. "Educator, is there an expression, a depicting word, that implies not-war?"

"Peace," I let them know. "Tranquil."

They nod and grin, loving this new word. They attempt it out on their lips: "Tranquil, quiet, serene."

One young person in the over, from Iraq, says, "This expression is great, is correct. The more you are in a position of war and furious and despising and not pleasant, the more you are void inside. The more you are in a place that is sheltered, the more you are brimming with peace."

A previous Tamil Tiger kid warrior in the front line reacts, "I am similar to an extinguished eggshell, unfilled inside as a result of battling. I might want to be brimming with peace, in a lovely place like that.

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